Книга: Essential Windows Phone 7.5

Скоро в свет выходит новая книга про разработку для платформы Windows Phone 7
Essential Windows Phone 7.5: Application Development with Silverlight (Microsoft .NET Development Series)
Автор книги Shawn Wildermuth.
Ожидаю что книга покроет большую часть возникающих в процессе разработки приложения вопросов.

Список охваченных тем внушает доверие:

  1. Leveraging Microsoft’s breakthrough Metro design language
  2. Using phone features such as email, calling, search, Web browsing, and the camera
  3. Designing the look and feel of your user interface with XAML
  4. Interacting with users via Panorama, Pivot, and other controls
  5. Mastering the new Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone 7.5
  6. Choosing the right application paradigm and functionality for your specific app
  7. Incorporating touch, vibration, motion, and sound into your interfaces
  8. Working with Windows Phone 7.5’s unique hubs and tiles
  9. Building location-based services that work with the phone’s GPS
  10. Storing data in Isolated Storage or Windows Phone 7.5’s database support
  11. Multitasking reliably, without compromising performance
  12. Integrating external data via REST, conventional Web services, and push notifications
  13. Preparing your application for the Windows Phone Marketplace